But I really love pea soup.

Tuesday, August 18th

I managed to get out a little earlier today,  did  NOT want to run in the humidity. 83% humidity at 72 degrees, and it might as well rain. And it did, just drizzle for about 3 minutes. As I came down the initial hill westward toward the water, there was an ominous dark sky ahead. That kept things moderately interesting. I felt like I was flying down the hill, and keeping up the pace heading south. But, as this experience would have it, the humidity caught up with me, and I found I was forced to stop and walk as my heart rate went higher than I wanted it. I started playing around with pace, and breath control. I found what I thought was a good breathing rhythm, but I think although it made me feel better, I was slowing down.  As a matter of fact, I walked quite a bit, initial computations look like I spent about 7 minutes walking. Is that true? Ugh. I’m too sweaty right now to even care. I did stop to take a pic.


Ya think?

Nothing else I really want to say about this run. Except I need a shower.

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4 Responses to But I really love pea soup.

  1. Emerging Runner says:

    Humidity is like kryptonite in terms of sapping energy. So is heat, the sun and hills. Basically everything. When you think about, we’re all better off staying inside and watching television between June and November.

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