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Another week’s worth of running stories.








I just came back from another 10 mile run. This time the weather was warm enough that I was able to be comfortable with one layer bottom, two on top, a hat, and my glove/mittens. I wanted to run in a different location, but I didn’t want to drive very far. Bayville has a nice 3 mile circular route, water on the north and south side. I wanted to make it feel like an event – it helped me get motivated.

I started out too fast. I set Runmeter to my 10 mile routine, which would alternate  keeping my heart rate between 65 and 80 percent. (10:30-11:30 pace). However, I was not wearing the heart rate monitor that Runmeter needed to coach me.  Sometimes I just don’t think things through.

I relied on my Garmin, then – glancing periodically at it to make sure I was on target. At NO time did I adhere to the heart rate plan. I walked several times, once because I was also listening to podcasts and I forgot to plug in my spare battery.  It was a task to take my glove off, take phone off my arm, phone out of the pouch, plug in the battery, wait for it to boot up again, and reassemble everything. Every other time I walked was not because I was tired, but because I needed my heart rate to get back down into the 140’s. It was a definite fail in that respect, but I discovered something which I think is really neat.

Because of the ice and snow, they must have been using a lot of sand on the roads in Bayville. Not to mention that there is beach on both sides.  I could not stay on the sidewalks, because they were not completely cleaned. While running in the road, there was quite a bit of sand along the sides. I was able to pick up my pace (re: footfall) on the thin layer of sand on the road.  My forefoot was able to slide out from underneath me with less effort. It got to the point where I was looking forward to running on the sandy parts, as a bit of rest, if you will, even though I felt faster. This must correlate with a decreased ground contact time, or less drag. The Kenyans are well known for running with a decreased GCT. It got me thinking about what type of surfaces they train on. I tried to google it, but I didn’t get anywhere.

I tried to duplicate that form on the regular road surface without sand. Sometimes I was successful for a few yards, other times I felt awkward.  The more I stayed running in the thin layer of sand, the less fatigue I felt. I’m hoping to do it again. I’m going to try to visualize the experience during any down time I have, hoping that it will carry over for my next road run. With 3-6 inches of snow expected from today into tomorrow, I doubt I’ll be out again before my 4 miler this coming Saturday.

As I’m standing here writing this, 2 hours after getting back, I feel great. No soreness anywhere, perhaps a little tight in my hamstrings ( probably the consequence of getting my heels higher behind me running in the sand) – but there is no fatigue. I can’t believe I ran 10 miles outside on the road and I feel this good. Booyah.


In other news…I found a place that will test my VO2Max, treadmill style. They happen to be out in Selden, as a matter of fact. I emailed them asking how much they want for the test. They called me back and left a message, telling me that for $150  it includes 10 weeks of training and a written report of my results. They have called me back 4 times since then – asking me to call them for more information. I watched a youtube video of them taking a person through a 20 minute test – and my god, it looks like a death trap. That’s probably the reason I’m haven’t called them back yet.  On Tuesday, I decided to try to follow the plan to the best of my ability, and I only got 9 minutes into it.




3 minute warmup followed by a very quick demise.


I’m going to call them, and ask if they take you through the test based on your heart rate, or the test is the same for everybody, and you just run until you can’t anymore? The guy in the video made it through to the end. It started with a warmup, and ended running at 9 or 9.5 mph. I’m sorry, but I would die.  So,  Tuesday’s treadmill run was broken up into 2 runs – I wore myself out so very quickly on the Mock Test that I just didn’t have it in me the second time around.  Thursday and Friday’s runs were better.

Garmin Data Tuesday 2/25 runs   Mock test   second run

Garmin Data Thursday 2/27

Garmin Data Friday  2/28


Friday was a bonus run for me, because I took the day off to spend some time with my sister in the city. She got tickets for the Dr. Oz show, and we were going in for that. Unfortunately, we did not read the fine print, and although we got there by the appointed time of 1:30, is was a first come, first served type of thing – and they were filled to capacity by the time we got there. I really didn’t feel so bad for us, because hell, I can take a day off and find plenty of things to do.. relaxing is just one of them. I really felt badly for the 3 women who came from D.C. to be there, and didn’t get in.  That pissed me off.  My sister undoubtedly will be writing a letter explaining her dissatisfaction about the whole ordeal.  They gave us “VIP” tickets, which would guarantee us entry any time we want. I’m not looking to get out there again anytime soon. The whole thing seemed pretty heartless and manipulative.  They confirmed twice with my sister by email that we would be there. They obviously overbook. I bet you the majority of people there had “VIP” passes.

I didn’t run yesterday because I ran 2 days in a row, and I used the day to clean, which included a lot of dusting – the floors and furniture .  I woke up this morning with a lousy sinus headache. I so wanted to take an Advil C&S – but held off hoping that the run would make me feel better, and it did.


I ran a few times in my new Brooks Transcend.  They are supposed to be a new support/guidance shoe that will only act as such if and when you need it to. Something about the medial and lateral side support, extra padding and a rounded heel that keeps your foot forward in the shoe. I used them twice in on the TM, and didn’t feel anything miraculous. If I get outside again before my next race, I’ll put them on an try them outside. If I can’t, I won’t wear them for this next race. You know the adage.


My new shoes.




Runmeter Data – 10 miles
Garmin Data – 10 miles


35°, 5 mph W,  51% H,      ☁

Running 10 miles on the TM, not without issue.

I followed through on my decision to do 10 miles on the treadmill.  I turned the tv on with the volume muted to provide some visual distraction, and I listened to a podcast. The room wasn’t as cool as I would have liked it to be. I was cold at the start, but by mile 2 I started to get warm. Mile 4 I started to sweat, and my ankle started to bother me.  It’s amazing how incredibly complex and adaptive the body is.  After being on my terribly unsupportive couch for the last 2 weeks watching Breaking Bad in it’s entirety (except for the last 8 eps that haven’t been released for free yet) I started up with what I believe to be some sciatic symptoms.  I had this last year, but far worse – with a dead leg and spasms.  My fear was a progressive neuro disease, which was basically ruled out, but only one test (EMG) was positive for a chronic degenerative nerve root on the right.  Since there was no evidence for nerve root compression from the MRI, why I have an issue with my nerve is still a mystery. When it started up again last week, I was diligent about my stretching, especially after running and in the morning before work. I seemed to have put at bay the worst of it, but running while the mechanics just don’t quite work right caused a secondary issue. Now I’m dealing with some posterior tib tendonitis, and I did a really bad thing, running 10 miles on it yesterday. Last night I treated it with massage, cross friction, stretch and ice – then topped it off with some Voltaren gel before bed. This morning it felt a little better but stiff. I did not wear my Uggs (no arch support AT ALL) as I usually do when I head downstairs, but put on running socks and the supportive Asics I got from volunteering for the NYC marathon.  Since I’m standing at my computer now, it only took me about 30 minutes to feel the strain again.  I sat down and taped for support and edema (there was some swelling) and put my shoes back on. It feels much better now.


Swelling under the web


So, no running for me today, but that’s ok, because I was able to train for greater than 8 miles yesterday – and I should try to continue to do that, because I start to fall apart around the 8 mile mark.  Getting to 10 miles is stressful, and in the case of running a half marathon,  if I remember correctly, during the last 5k I was running on empty. My form so completely broke down that I became inefficient and subsequently abusive to my body for the remainder of the race.

A recent goal of mine is to be able to run 10 miles in under 90 minutes. Back in October of 2012, (before I started blogging) I ran 10 miles in 1:35. Here is the data.  I can’t really say that I beat that time this weekend, because IMHO, you can’t compare TM runs to road runs. It’s just not the same. Even though I had for the most part an elevation of 1% going on for most of the run,  the treadmill is motorized. The road is immutable. Totally different where it counts the most.

The goal still needs to be met. Especially if I want to run the Brooklyn half in under 2 hours.

I got my 22 miles in for the week. Hopefully two days off with taping and treatment will mend me. I’ll use the laser when I get to work on Monday. I’ll see how much it costs to use ionto with dexamethasone if things don’t improve by the middle of the week.

Garmin Data