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On track for minimal distance ..

I slept in late again this morning because of having a cup of Bulletproof coffee at 5 pm the day before.  Silly rabbit.  So, I hauled myself out of bed at 7 am, trying to suppress the notion that the morning was GONE already. While drinking my coffee, I noticed it was about 68 degrees. I knew by the time I got out there it would be warm.  One and a half hrs later it was 70 degrees, and there was barely a breeze. Thank goodness it felt dry. I went out again without my compressions. I think it helped me feel cooler longer during the run. Standing here now composing this post, my legs don’t feel tired at all. Perhaps I’ll try running more often without them.

My morning blood glucose was 89 – fair, and ketone level 1.5. Good. I attempted to stay in the 150’s today, thinking that the longer I stayed in that zone, the more I could help my body use fat for energy and help that metabolic system take better hold. Yeah, well. We know how that song goes. Toward the end of the run I stopped to walk, the heat was getting to me, my HR was 170+  and I was feeling dehydrated.  After two minutes, my HR dropped 20 beats or so, and I was able to finish the last half mile home a little easier, with a strong finish at about a 9:30 pace the last few hundred meters or so. I was so  THIRSTY!

I managed to eek out almost 6 miles. Garmin seemed to record the whole run, except lost some info about the map. It has me starting the run at the other end of the neighborhood.

I’ve got my macros from the nutritionist, she’s got me really high fat, low carb and a little lower protein than I expected. My shopping list and menus should be on their way. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to seeing if this changes anything as far as performance, and building and maintaining muscle.

My average HR on this run was 165,  Training effect, 4.1, average pace, 10:31, 5.83 miles.

Feels like 70°
0 mph N wind
Humidity 69%
Source: KHPN

I’m such a goofball.

I did another treadmill run Thursday morning. It looks like for the next 10 days, the weather is going to start warming up a bit. This is good news for outside running. However, I’m enjoying just throwing on shorts and a sports bra and running in the workout room.
I did another ‘short’ run , 5 miles, (I need to keep telling myself that now a short run is 5 miles)  but at a much easier pace. I really enjoyed feeling like I could keep going. I remembered the race I have on Saturday and thought I should pick up the pace at around mile three til the end. I decided on .5 mph increments every quarter to half mile or so. I was listening to another podcast which I kind of got lost in, so I wasn’t quite on target, but I was tired at the end, and glad I ran.

Garmin Data – Thursday’s treadmill run

I thought I was supposed to run the Nickerson 4 mile  race today in Long Beach. I don’t know how that happened. I put the correct date in DailyMile – but somehow I remember it as being on a Saturday. Well, I got all ready for the race, drove out there, and discovered there was no one there.  It was all well and good.  I hadn’t slept well the last 3 nights, mostly because of wine drinking the night before to unwind from work, and most recently hearing about the death of a cyberfriend whom I had the great pleasure of finally meeting on Thanksgiving of 2013. She was a friend and business partner of my sister, and I followed her funny posts and amazing art online. When I finally met her, I learned that her artistic ability extended to being a great teller of stories, her own life being most fascinating. She died unexpectedly, and I’m saddened. If you get time, please just browse over to her blog, http://valerierandall.com.  She was a brilliant photographer as well.

So, I sat in my car deciding what to do. Do I run a bit before the race on Sunday? There was a 5k going on at 1:00 in Huntington. Do I meet SIOR out there and race a 5k today? Since I’ve been on the treadmill again for the last week since my long run, I thought better that I should forego the race,  and just ease back onto the road.  I was only a few miles from Cedar Creek park and the Wantagh bike path – so I chose to run there.  I would only do a few miles, go out for a mile or two and turn around and come back.  I had a long sleeve tech shirt, my CW-X capris and compressions. No hat, no gloves. Podcast equipped.
I’m glad I made the decision I did. First off, the experience felt totally alien to me. My legs were like lead, and I got winded very fast. It could have been because I pushed through the ‘lead’ thinking running fast would improve my form, but it just made me real tired. It was about 43 degrees, with a stiff breeze, but not too strong. It helped me on the way out going south, but slowed me down coming back north to the parking lot. I tried to do some strides into the wind, but it just made me need to walk for recovery.  You can see how poorly that went over at the Garmin site. I’m glad I decided not to run 5 miles. Or 4. My heart rate rose to 170 in the first 8-10 mins going out. My max is about 182. It was a a good thing I did not have to race. I’m wondering now what tomorrow will bring.

Garmin Data – training run in Wantagh


My daughter signed up for a 5k run, believe it or not – the roller derby girl who said she hates running. She’s only doing it because she’ll be with friends. She’s done most of the Beachbody cardio workouts like a champ – but has stayed away from running. So now, as I’m writing this, I hear the treadmill going, Couch to 5k.  She’s complaining of her right foot cramping up. I gave her the Chi Running DVD that my sister lent to me.  She’s anxious about running outside. She says she bounces up and down and goes no where. The Chi Running should help. She just needs to lean at the ankles.


She’s on the left with the long braids. So proud!


I’ve got lots of spring cleaning to do. I’m caught up with paperwork for work, and I just threw out the last few ounces of wine left in the bottle I’ve been nursing all week. I’ll be nibbling on veggies all day, and I bought  4 oz of wild caught salmon for dinner tonight. Ridiculously expensive. I’ll also have to hydrate. I can’t be feeling tomorrow the same way I felt this morning. But I am forever hopeful.