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Better Calibration Run, and a coached tempo run

I had a much better calibration run today – my HR monitor seemed to work correctly.   I was also able to add a few more miles this morning to bring my total to over 5 miles. I tried to wear two HR monitors, one for the PEAR app, and the other for my Garmin, but it was a major fail for the Garmin strap, as it slipped down over the iPhone strap, rendering it useless.  Here are some of the results:



pear2 pear3

As you can see, my new lactate threshold HR is 168, NOT 192.  I’m feeling much better about that.  1.66 miles for the calibration run, and 3.64 miles for the coached tempo run.   I was asked to stay in zones 1,2,and 3. That gives me the mileage I was looking for today. It was brutally cold, but I got through it. I guess I’ll try my hand running in the rain over the weekend!

Garmin Data Calibration

Garmin Data Coached Tempo

Hangover Training Run

Featured Image Credit: Emerging Runner

It was so much fun to be with the ‘Runsketeers’ (Emerging Runner  changed our group name and made it more fitting) today. The LI Road Runners Club has this annually, and ER has done it before. I so preferred to race in the windy cold and be with friends than suffer a hangover. It’s not even up for debate.

There was a clock at the start, it was a mile loop, and the run dictated 5 miles. Since it was a fun run, and not going ‘in the books’ – you could run as much or as little as you’d like.
I met SIOR‘s friend L, so there were 4 of us running together to start. SIOR and L picked up their pace and headed out soon after, and ER and I stayed together for a mile or 2, then we separated and ran our own races from there.

I had my Pivotheads on, but I was sad to see that they did not stay on in video mode very long. It was fully charged when I left the house, so I don’t know what the issue was. Maybe I accidentally kept hitting the button when brushing the hair from my face? I recorded some video, and perhaps over the weekend I’ll tack a small, compiled video of this run at the end of the post. Right now, since I started standing at the computer, I’m doing a lot more things that need to be done around the house. So far, the plan is working great! I’ll get to the video at a later time.

The only 5 mile race I did was the beginning of this year at Cedar Creek. I did 43:46, and I remember the wind was horrid! I think had this been a race, I could have come pretty close to that time again. Today I ran the 5 in 47:xx.

Oh, and as an aside, at Eisenhower Park, the bathrooms are heated. I just thought I’d mention that.


At the end there were bagels, butter, (very delicious) cake, instant coffee and instant hot chocolate. (I know)   BUT – everyone was great and kind (some guy helped me figure out how to use the hot water dispenser) and there were pictures and kids and I photo bombed a family picture.  To my credit,  I DID yell ‘photo bomb’. They seemed nonplussed, and said ‘ooops’ or something, and took another picture.

Afterwards, we made our way over to Starbucks and I believe we decided that we would either race or train in Central Park this year (I’ve never done it), and that L will most probably start a running blog!


SIOR and L out in front!
Photo: LIRRC



ER and myself..what? Are my hips level??? WoOt!
Photo: LIRRC



The four of us after a great run!
Photo: SIOR


All in all a great way to start the first day of 2014!

Garmin Data

My heartrate strap was not connected properly, so it didn’t record half my metrics. And I forgot to turn off  Runmeter.
27° ,  5 mph W,  50% H,  ☁☀