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I also run for coffee with friends..

It’s been a long week.  Between the weather issues and the way my car has been (or not) performing in the snow, and being behind in work related documentation – I’ve been delinquent in posting about my training runs this week.



Tuesday, Feb 20th

After taping, stretching, doing soft tissue work and taking a break from running for 2 days, I was feeling well enough to jump on the treadmill Tuesday morning.  I skipped the Sunday run to give my sore ankle a rest.  By Tuesday I was a little stiff, but I had no pain. I was able to run a tad above easy. The room was very cool. I turned the tv on to the local weather/news station and muted it for visual distraction, then I listened to a podcast. I set the treadmill for an incline of 1, and just started running. By the time I looked at the clock, I was halfway through the run and feeling rather good.  I showered, and was out the door and on time for my first home care appointment. I had no ankle pain, and I averaged a high 8 pace. I was pleasantly surprised.

Garmin Data for Tuesday


Thursday, Feb 18th

Thursday I tried to follow the same plan, but I had forgotten to turn the heat down to ‘uninhabitable’ the night before, and so it was close to 68 degrees when I got downstairs. I had my coffee, changed, set up my gadgets, and started on another run.  I made sure to turn on the floor fan, which did diddlysquat for me. I soon became overheated, and VERY distracted.. despite trying to concentrate on what was going on during another podcast I was listening to. I could not WAIT for the run to be over.  I was actually rather cranky afterwards. I knew I was working on Saturday, and I had a lot of other things to do around the house as well as food shopping and preparation,  so a run was most likely out of the question. That made me even more cranky.

Garmin Data for Thursday



Sunday, Feb 23rd

On Saturday, the Runsketeers decided on another group run  for the following day, and for me, the first run outside in a couple of weeks. The weather was warming up nicely and we decided on Eisenhower Park for location and the likely hood that it had been maintained for snow removal.  Assumptions were correct and although we had to slow down in some sections, and walk for fear of slipping in others, the paths were mainly clear. SIOR completed her second 7 mile run that morning, choosing not to kill us by having us do 15 miles with her.  She was also dressed in shorts.  I was covered in clothes, and she was wearing shorts. It was 42 degrees and sunny when we started. Maybe I’ll suck it up the next run and try it myself.  Although I was warm at the end, I was not overheated.  Emerging Runner and I were happy with the almost 7 miles we did. The run brought my mileage to 17 this week, which I’m happy about considering I worked yesterday. We stopped for our usual post run coffee.  We had to cut short our banter as there were some schedules that needed to be met. We almost forgot to take our picture, but SIOR, having the younger brain, remembered before we walked out the door. A kind gentleman sitting at his computer obliged us.



The Runsketeers!
Photo credit: Kind man at computer and Emerging Runner


My next race is a 4 miler at Nickerson Beach in Long Beach on March 9th.  I ran it last year. That race starts at 9:00 am.  SIOR and ER will be running in Huntington at the St. Patrick’s 5k. It starts around 1:00. Dare I try to run that race, too? Or should I just stop by and take pics and video? Undecided at this point.

The weather looks like much of the same as last week – cold and snowy.  It’ll be back to the treadmill.


Garmin Data – Sunday Runsketeers

Runmeter Data

42° ,  0 mph,  93% H,   ☀

A Weekend Running with Scissors Others.

Saturday, Nov. 16th

I skipped my Tuesday and Thursday runs this week, as I was feeling run down. I just couldn’t justify getting out there in the cold, so I considered it a rest week after PR’ing a 10k. I can basically justify anything. Got ice cream?

By the time the weekend rolled around, I was itching to get out there. The rain Saturday morning was almost a deterrent for me, but with the plan of running with 2 new blogger friends, the risk was worth it. I had the marvelous pleasure of meeting and running with two bloggers that I’ve been following for quite awhile.  This was the first time I met She Is Out Running, and the first time I got to train with Emerging Runner. I met ER previously and I was able to catch up with him at the Hope for Warriors 10k just last week.

Saturday morning we met at 8:00 am just as the rain ended and did an easy 6 miler that provided us with the ability to yak and get to know each other better. Afterward, we went for coffee and talked some more. I LOVED it!   ER has been running for a while and knows quite a bit of history and technical stuff about the sport. SIOR has done the Hood to Coast (woOt!) and has participated in races all over.  And now I know where she DOESN’T like to run! But I’ll let you discover that for yourself – that means you have to add her blog to your reading list! She’s got a great sense of humor, and is fast as hell. They are both supportive and experienced in the sport. How lucky am I ? ! We still have to come up with a name for our very exclusive running club..



ER, SIOR and me. Yay!  I look way too excited.  And I’m still short.


Please click on their links above to read about their perspective on the day!

47°,  Calm,   67% H,  UV 1,   Dp 36°


Sunday, Nov. 17th

This morning I drove out to Selden to run with the Hillbillies. There were some more newbies joining. I think the number is over 70 and growing now. I would say there were probably about 30 people starting at 8:00 am today. I met a woman that I will be on a team with during my first trail race (5k) Dec. 1st. We are the only senior masters womens team out of the group – and we decided on the name: ‘Senior-itas’! Nancy came up with it.  How clever!  I started the hills with my team mate and a friend of hers, but by mile 2 or 3 I had a problem controlling my descent on some of the steeper hills, so I just let my legs turn over as they willed and took off.  I waited for them a few times, which afforded me some rest, until again I was a rude runner and ran my own run again. I did, however – go back after I finished the route and ‘rang the pole’ (it’s a tradition) – I ran back to find them and accompanied them to the finish- so I hope I redeemed myself.  My teammate Nancy is just slightly faster than me, (AND just as tiny) and I believe the other two women on my team run at my speed, but I’m not sure.

Today I got my SH sticker..

photo 1


“Got Booty?” is a Pirate’s Booty (the popcorn people) sticker. Their main office is in (or was in) Sea Cliff.


Credit: Mary Brett

Credit: Mary Brett


On Rosemont I had to stop and take this pic. These are the same as my bike – the Suzuki Boulevard s40. I wanted the same handlebars as these, but they changed them in 2005, I think.

photo 2

Mine go straight across. Boring. But my saddlebags (add-on)  and the paint and floorboards (add-on) rock.

CaptureshSo, I’ve finally got the Hills in Runmeter and  I’ll see how I progress over time. It only took me 40 something minutes to get there, so I was able to start with the group this time. It was fabulous, and I’m exhausted. My run on the hills was two minutes off from the previous, which I didn’t record, but got from K.C. – the guy that ran with me.

53°,   E 7, (gusts were much higher, though)  88% H,(!)  UV 0,  Dp 49°