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Eleven miles of Gratitude

It’s been a rough year, running wise. The nastiness of the winter, the lung infection I had, then deciding to go keto. Last year this time, I had  7 races under my belt. This year, only 2. My training runs have still been riddled with walking for rest. My times have been improving, but not on a consistent basis. I’ve been very disappointed, to say the least – which  explains why I haven’t been blogging. But, as my running buddy ER said to me this morning – blogging about it can be cathartic. So, let’s get at it.


Tuesday, April 29th.

I was able to get out early and tackle 5 miles around the neighborhood. It was overcast, about 50 degrees with a light wind. I ran a little under a 10:00 min/mi pace, but I had to walk exactly 10 times. Although I felt a little better while I was running, I wasn’t feeling well enough to run without stopping.  My HR was the highest it’s ever been -Garmin has it pegged at 186 at it’s highest. I can really feel myself straining during the 160’s – where as before I could get there and feel just fine. I started getting real bad heartburn at the end of this run.  This will cause me great concern and little relief as the week progresses.

Garmin Data

temperature 48°F
humdity 66%
wind 14 mph E



Friday, May 2nd.

I did not run on Thursday because of the crummy weather.  Friday’s run;  disappointing.

Ok – I can make excuses up the wazoo. It was after a full day of being on my feet, working one on one with people for part of the day, and giving massages, stretching them, getting up and down off plinths and the floor for the other parts of the day. It was warmer than Tuesday, and there was a lot of wind.  For running only 2.5 miles, and running about 15 seconds slower – I felt LIKE CRAP. And then Garmin tells me that my training effect – the effort I’m putting out, is only a 3.6 out of 5.  Bleh. Like I didn’t know that already.  And my heartburn hits an all time high, with belching, coughing (again – I thought that was all over a month ago?) and me turning all pissy on a Friday night. (Not that I DO anything on a Friday night anyway) I try to make an appointment with my gastro, but by the time I get around to it, the office had closed. Then I start to google heartburn on the internet – only to find out that eating high fat is often the culprit.  On my gastro’s website, they recommend low fat eating. Juuust dandy. Saturday I woke up and felt a little better.  I had someone come by to prep the deck for sealing sometime during the week – so my morning was shot to go out for a run again. But that was ok – I got plenty of things done around the house. I was doing a lot of reaching and bending and lifting – by the early afternoon my heartburn started again with a vengeance.  In my desperation – between being so uncomfortable and then the bleak outlook of my running career – I decided I perhaps needed to try a little something sturdier in my stomach, even if it did mean coming out of ketosis for a bit.  I made a 2 oz serving of some pasta with an avocado/Parmesan cheese alfredo-like sauce. It was delicious. It went down easy –
(I forgot to mention that I was also having a hard time swallowing at times). In about 2 hours I felt better. 

Garmin Data 

temperature 66°F
humdity 26%
wind 15 mph W


Sunday, May 4th (Today)

I woke up able to drink coffee comfortably.  Before eating anything, I checked my urine for ketones. Nada. No color change.  I checked my blood for beta-hydroxybutyrate – and it was .4. (.5 is the ‘low’ start value) Just that bit of pasta switched my metabolism back to using glucose as fuel. I also hadn’t slept since 1:30 – I was wide awake.  I also had a headache and was stuffy.  Another byproduct of switching metabolic pathways? Who knows. I had plans to run with the Runsketeers this morning, and it was supposed to be a long one, so I was already lamenting a rough go of it.  Since I was downstairs at 5:30 – I decided I’d make myself some keto breakfast.  Might as well jump back on the horse since I was feeling better.  About an hour later when the headache still had not abated, I took some ibuprofen with pseudoephedrine.  Maybe that’s what I’ll needto give me an extra boost to my run this morning, I thought.  I fueled with some EnergyBits, and brought a flask of water and UCAN “Superstarch” mixed in. I only used a teaspoon in 8 ounces.  It was the first time I was using it, and I didn’t want a bad reaction while on the path.  But I was glad I brought something to drink with me, because that pseudoephedrine is REALLY drying.

It was overcast and breezy when I parked outside the bike trail and met ER. SIOR (She is Out Running) had a kid’s morning of soccer games, so instead,  She was Out Being a Soccer Mom.  ER went over two options of running the trail, for which his plan was to do 11 miles.  He also had hoped to meet a couple on the trail that he had met on a previous run. We headed north, hoping we’d run into them. (No pun intended)

The running started out easy, as I had hoped. ER was leading by a bit, and that was fine by me. I tried to keep my breathing slow and easy, shoulders relaxed.  We had been running just less than a mile before finding J and K on the trail. They had 30 minutes left on their first leg before they had to turn around, so we headed back south to run with them.  They were both very easy to talk with, and they were going at our pace, so that was an added boon.

Surprisingly, I did not conk out after 3 miles like I had with my previous runs. Was it the weather? The company? The fueling?  The cold and sinus meds? Using stored glycogen instead of trying to keep up with fatty acid production for energy? I don’t know, but I wish I did.  Yeah, I walked about 18 or so times, and that included stopping a few times before crossing streets – but I ran fartleks at about mile 8.5, and did it while knowing I was to complete the 11 miles! My knee, as usual, was pinging a bit at mile 7 – then seemed to have disappeared after doing some speed work. But the best news of all.. I was tired, but not exhausted at the end!  And it appeared that ER felt the same way.  The whole week, nay – the last  4 weeks  turned around in those two hours. I know for a fact that had I NOT been running with a friend, I would have walked more and perhaps even stopped way before 11 miles.  Thank you, thank you – ER. We averaged about an 11:08 min/mi.  And I’m not complaining. Not bad for my first long run (since April 6th) after all this crap I’ve put myself through. And I feel SO good, just 3 hours after getting home. My quads are a little sore, but they’ll be fine by morning.  Ketones after the run? Urine back up to .5 , blood .7.  They are supposed to go higher after exercise, so I don’t think I’m back in ketosis yet. But I will certainly be fueling myself with more carbs on and before a run, because I don’t want to feel the way I’ve felt running prior to this day. My original goal was to break my sugar addiction. I’m hoping I’ll have a better handle on it now.



Thank you again, ER! ( I had to hang onto his shoulder to stand on my toes!)

Garmin Data

Runmeter Data

temperature 57°F
humdity 51%
wind 15 mph W


…and yes, ER, I feel much better after blogging about it!

A Weekend Running with Scissors Others.

Saturday, Nov. 16th

I skipped my Tuesday and Thursday runs this week, as I was feeling run down. I just couldn’t justify getting out there in the cold, so I considered it a rest week after PR’ing a 10k. I can basically justify anything. Got ice cream?

By the time the weekend rolled around, I was itching to get out there. The rain Saturday morning was almost a deterrent for me, but with the plan of running with 2 new blogger friends, the risk was worth it. I had the marvelous pleasure of meeting and running with two bloggers that I’ve been following for quite awhile.  This was the first time I met She Is Out Running, and the first time I got to train with Emerging Runner. I met ER previously and I was able to catch up with him at the Hope for Warriors 10k just last week.

Saturday morning we met at 8:00 am just as the rain ended and did an easy 6 miler that provided us with the ability to yak and get to know each other better. Afterward, we went for coffee and talked some more. I LOVED it!   ER has been running for a while and knows quite a bit of history and technical stuff about the sport. SIOR has done the Hood to Coast (woOt!) and has participated in races all over.  And now I know where she DOESN’T like to run! But I’ll let you discover that for yourself – that means you have to add her blog to your reading list! She’s got a great sense of humor, and is fast as hell. They are both supportive and experienced in the sport. How lucky am I ? ! We still have to come up with a name for our very exclusive running club..



ER, SIOR and me. Yay!  I look way too excited.  And I’m still short.


Please click on their links above to read about their perspective on the day!

47°,  Calm,   67% H,  UV 1,   Dp 36°


Sunday, Nov. 17th

This morning I drove out to Selden to run with the Hillbillies. There were some more newbies joining. I think the number is over 70 and growing now. I would say there were probably about 30 people starting at 8:00 am today. I met a woman that I will be on a team with during my first trail race (5k) Dec. 1st. We are the only senior masters womens team out of the group – and we decided on the name: ‘Senior-itas’! Nancy came up with it.  How clever!  I started the hills with my team mate and a friend of hers, but by mile 2 or 3 I had a problem controlling my descent on some of the steeper hills, so I just let my legs turn over as they willed and took off.  I waited for them a few times, which afforded me some rest, until again I was a rude runner and ran my own run again. I did, however – go back after I finished the route and ‘rang the pole’ (it’s a tradition) – I ran back to find them and accompanied them to the finish- so I hope I redeemed myself.  My teammate Nancy is just slightly faster than me, (AND just as tiny) and I believe the other two women on my team run at my speed, but I’m not sure.

Today I got my SH sticker..

photo 1


“Got Booty?” is a Pirate’s Booty (the popcorn people) sticker. Their main office is in (or was in) Sea Cliff.


Credit: Mary Brett

Credit: Mary Brett


On Rosemont I had to stop and take this pic. These are the same as my bike – the Suzuki Boulevard s40. I wanted the same handlebars as these, but they changed them in 2005, I think.

photo 2

Mine go straight across. Boring. But my saddlebags (add-on)  and the paint and floorboards (add-on) rock.

CaptureshSo, I’ve finally got the Hills in Runmeter and  I’ll see how I progress over time. It only took me 40 something minutes to get there, so I was able to start with the group this time. It was fabulous, and I’m exhausted. My run on the hills was two minutes off from the previous, which I didn’t record, but got from K.C. – the guy that ran with me.

53°,   E 7, (gusts were much higher, though)  88% H,(!)  UV 0,  Dp 49°