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Nothing to brag about..

..but at least I DID get on the treadmill twice this week, because of the weather and time constraints again.  Neither run was anything special.  I barely made 3 miles both days. Tuesday, it was 68 degrees in the workout room, and for some reason I thought that my 7:00 pace was the 7 button on the ‘mill, so I did a few of those before I realized I needed to push 8 to get to the pace that I wanted. I was wondering why it felt so much easier running a supposed 7:00 pace? When I finally pried my eyes off the tv long enough (I was watching Craig Fergurson, always a distraction for me) I realized my mistake. I was so disappointed, I couldn’t even talk myself into staying on for 5 miles. However, I do think I ran longer than Garmin said I did.  I forgot to put footpod back on – and because I kept checking my watch after the snafu I made, my arm swing diminished, and I believe, so did Garmin’s perception of my pace which cut me short a bit. That’s my theory, anyway.

Today, the room was an awesome 63 degrees, and I remembered to put my footpod on to get a more accurate measurement of distance.  Even though the room was cooler, I was feeling out of sorts, and I started later than I wanted to. I kept waiting for nature to call, and it never did, and the time was just ticking away.  I started out slow, thinking a nice warmup would move things along a bit, but it didn’t. I stepped it up to level 7 and kept it that way for most of the run. I decided against speed work as I really just wanted to get SOMETHING done, and because I wasn’t feeling it, I wanted the run to be as pleasant as I could make it.  Before the end of mile 3, I was relieved to know that finally duty (!) called – and it was just the excuse I needed to jump off .  I knew I wasn’t going back on. My heart wasn’t in it. I’m hoping it’s the lousy weather that’s effecting my motivation.

If you compare the two sets of splits, you can see the difference in pace between when I did not wear the footpod, and then this morning when I did.


NO footpod. You can see the variations of pace. Split 4,5 level 7 Split 9, 11 and 13 I had it up to level 8, which should have been a 7:0X pace.


With the foot pod this morning. I stayed pretty much at level 7 the whole run after a half mile warm up. I played around with the length of my stride a bit, so some splits reflect the fact that I think I was in the air a little longer. Split 10 I backed off a bit to catch my breath, before continuing, and then I stood around  a bit before remembering to shut my watch off at split 14.

The bottom line: I’ll wear the footpod on the mill, and not on the road.

The bottom-bottom line, I really didn’t feel up to running this week.

Garmin Data Tuesday, Snow storm

Garmin Data Thursday

I really want to get out on the road this weekend, but the sidewalks are full of snow, and it’s freakin’ cold. I wonder if Bethpage bike path was cleared? At least the trees might keep the wind at bay a bit.

A slow, tiring run for Meg and Jim

I started this post on Saturday evening, but finally on Monday, have the oomph to finish it. I was finally able to drop the car off at the service station to have my antenna replaced, 1.63 miles away from the house. I was dressed in my running gear knowing I was going to run for Meg and Jim from there. I was wearing my Selden Hills cotton sweatshirt in honor of Jim Callaghan.  It’s big on me, the way I like it, but as I soon found out, not such a good idea for running in. I imagine it just takes getting used to. I would like to get used to it, because as big and floppy as it was, it was oh-so-cozy.


I’ve only ever run in tech fabric running gear, even when I started out running the C25k program. The sweatshirt was wide and long and very thick. I felt like I was carrying extra baggage. It was getting in the way of my arm swing. The weather, as I remember it, was cold and overcast.  The sky was mutable.  First, low dark clouds;  then rivers of really funky formations in varying shades of gray. Periodically toward the end of my run, once I was back in my neighbor hood I was running under clearer skies, but running briefly through some very cold, light drizzle. To the south of me the clouds had parted enough that I saw blue sky – but that didn’t last for long.  I had run my 5 miles feeling tired. I thought about the people I was running for, both people leaving young children behind, and it saddened me. I don’t know if I was tired before I went out, got tired during my run, or felt overwhelmed by the feelings of helplessness and loss.  Whatever the cause, I was plodding along, running without thought of how I was running, just running for those who no longer couldn’t.  The fact that I was trying to stay on the sidewalks I’m sure slowed me down a bit. I realized on this run that my community does not keep the sidewalks in good shape.

I took my foot pod off to see how the Garmin would perform.  I got a hint from ER that I should calibrate my foot pod to my stride length. But I did not see how I could do it on the watch. I went to the Garmin support forums, and I found this:


I remember running to the garage where my car was a few weeks ago and wondering why the watch was giving me a cadence when I wore different shoes (without the pod). I thought the watch was calculating cadence based on previous runs, or the watch itself was counting, and sure enough, that was the case.  So, had my iPhone not cut out again with Runmeter running, I’m sure the two devices would have been very similar. All is right with my world of gadgets. Whew.

After I got home, I was cold and tired. And famished. I had not eaten anything before I went out, only just drinking my morning cup of coffee. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but the last 2 runs I went out on were pretty disappointing as far as the way I felt. It dawned on me that I did not have those spirulina bits before heading out.  Hmm..

An hour or so later, the clouds grew heavier and heavier, and regaled us with more white stuff.


Garmin said I needed to recover 50 hours before running again.  Sunday morning I wanted to get to Selden Hills – but when the alarm went off on my iPad (I actually did NOT wake up on my own), I was cold, weary, and achy. I valiantly tried to drink my coffee and get cleaned up before deciding what to wear, but I knew in my heart I wasn’t going to make it.  It was 10 minutes to seven, and I had to leave by seven to get there by 8. There is no room for error. The tribe starts the run PROMPTLY at 8:00am.  So, I stayed in. Taking a day off was what I needed to do. I regretted it just a bit, but when I woke up this morning to go to work, I felt like a million bucks – and I knew I made the right decision.


And it looks like the Garmin is finally realizing that I’m not as fast as it thinks I am..


The numbers are finally starting to creep up…


The weather promises more cold and snow.  I also have been assigned a 9 am patient again on my running weekdays. *sigh*.  With ER doing a bang up job training for our trail relay in two weeks, I better stay focused and find the time to train so I can stay an asset. There is always the treadmill.

Over and Out.

Garmin Data

36° F,    3 mph NE,     93% H,    ☁