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On track for minimal distance ..

I slept in late again this morning because of having a cup of Bulletproof coffee at 5 pm the day before.  Silly rabbit.  So, I hauled myself out of bed at 7 am, trying to suppress the notion that the morning was GONE already. While drinking my coffee, I noticed it was about 68 degrees. I knew by the time I got out there it would be warm.  One and a half hrs later it was 70 degrees, and there was barely a breeze. Thank goodness it felt dry. I went out again without my compressions. I think it helped me feel cooler longer during the run. Standing here now composing this post, my legs don’t feel tired at all. Perhaps I’ll try running more often without them.

My morning blood glucose was 89 – fair, and ketone level 1.5. Good. I attempted to stay in the 150’s today, thinking that the longer I stayed in that zone, the more I could help my body use fat for energy and help that metabolic system take better hold. Yeah, well. We know how that song goes. Toward the end of the run I stopped to walk, the heat was getting to me, my HR was 170+  and I was feeling dehydrated.  After two minutes, my HR dropped 20 beats or so, and I was able to finish the last half mile home a little easier, with a strong finish at about a 9:30 pace the last few hundred meters or so. I was so  THIRSTY!

I managed to eek out almost 6 miles. Garmin seemed to record the whole run, except lost some info about the map. It has me starting the run at the other end of the neighborhood.

I’ve got my macros from the nutritionist, she’s got me really high fat, low carb and a little lower protein than I expected. My shopping list and menus should be on their way. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to seeing if this changes anything as far as performance, and building and maintaining muscle.

My average HR on this run was 165,  Training effect, 4.1, average pace, 10:31, 5.83 miles.

Feels like 70°
0 mph N wind
Humidity 69%
Source: KHPN

Moderating by heart rate, and a dismal track run.

It’s been a fairly good week running wise for me, up until today. But that was entirely my own fault.  I had my god-daughter’s graduation party yesterday, and after 3 glasses of wine, 2 pieces of cake and 3 servings of breaded eggplant parm, I was in full carb consumption mode. I ended up having arrhythmia’s and a resting HR of about 90-120 for most of the night which did not allow for a good night’s sleep. But let’s review this week’s two previous runs first.

I wanted to do some heart rate training, and I ended up doing better than I anticipated. It helps a lot that I’m being less hard on myself.

Thursday, June 12th

It was cooler, but still very humid Thursday morning.  I was using Runmeter again, to try and run by heart rate.  I took the new route again, descending for the first mile, ascending to higher ground toward the center of town. I could not see the opposite shore again as I ran along the boardwalk. But I was moderating and feeling good. I took that hill feeling better than I did the first time I ran it. I even decided to tack on an extra mile. That gave me the confidence and the feeling again that I really do enjoy running. It’s strange how I enjoy it more when I feel more capable.  Even though I ran a 10:18 pace by Runmeter’s metrics, I did not need to stop, and I felt GOOD the entire run! The HR monitor for Runmeter had a mind of it’s own for this run, I think I can safely knock off about 20 bmp over all during the splits below. Iknow it was more like the way I felt on Tuesday’s run (see below)
I’ve been out of ketosis for the entire week. I’ve been playing with my percentages of macros. I set my carbs to about 10% of my diet instead of 5%, and unfortunately, have been going over the 10% on a regular basis.  I also ran out of glucose strips, so I’m not sure how my blood sugar is responding to all of this. I’ve been maintaining my weight between 103-104 though add’l carbs, so I’m thinking I’m eating the right types. I’ve also been trying to build more muscle. I haven’t been too successful with that, so I’m thinking I may have to tweak my protein percentage soon, too.



Much better splits on Thursday.


Tuesday’s Splits


Saturday, June 14th

It was a little warmer, but still very humid Saturday morning.  I was using the Garmin HR monitor, thinking I could avoid the strange high readings that I got on the onset while using the iOS Wahoo. It didn’t matter. Garmin decided that it too would freak out on me in the beginning of the run.  I decided not to take the hill again, but run around the ‘hood and see if I could be a little speedier because of it. I was feeling good again! Somewhere in the middle of the run, although I felt like I was controlling my exertion, my heart rate was not corresponding to the way I felt.  Looking back, this could be a good thing, because  although I was reaching higher bpm, I still felt ok. I did not walk, I just tried to slow down significantly toward the end to bring my HR down. But, drift set it, and it was difficult.



Saturday’s run. No HR here – used the garmin.

I was even FASTER on Saturday, and Garmin says that my effort was a 5.0, and that my VO2Max finally got back up to 40. Just great! I came back home drenched, but so exhilarated!

Then, that afternoon, I went to the party – and blew my chance for a stellar track workout this morning.


Sunday, June 15th

The Runsketeers met on the south shore, at a track close to SIOR. We each decided to do our own thing.  ER looks GREAT running track. From what I could tell he is a very steady pacer.  And when he wants to go fast – he just — goes!
SIOR is consistent however she runs. She dials in to a pace, and maintains it also. For the entire time she took the lead around the track.
I, on the other hand, needed to walk, run slow, set out fast than poop out.. the results of my bad night just left me unreliable. I was feeling better the slower I ran, and I was able to pull out a couple of 8:45 200’s.. but I know that I can do better. Today just wasn’t my day. And also, I had meant to practice playing with my Garmin to figure out how to record my laps but never got around to it. I did not have a running plan, so I was pushing buttons at various positions around the track which left me with a mish-mash of unreliable data. Starbucks, take me away!

It was still a lot of fun running with my friends, and that’s what I looked forward to.


Photo Credit : SIOR and nice lady at the track.

track selfie tracksiorer


I have a great little video of SIOR running and kicking up her heels, and if I can figure out how to release it from the clutches of the iCoach app, I’ll send it off to her for her to use if she so wishes.

We thought that next time we’ll do a little videoing of each of us to try and deconstruct our running gait. ER says I’ve still got a heel whip on the right, despite my attempts to strengthen and consciously control. Bah.


66 ,  16mph NW, 56% H,  sunny!