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More running in the rain.


Tuesday, Nov 4th

Another training run with JC. Early on, I noticed that he wasn’t talking as much, and was not staying by my side.  I was hoping that it was because he was challenging the previous pace, and he was trying to get me a little uncomfortable.

Well, that was it, precisely. He did not let me know that was his plan until after the run. And let me tell you, I was dying.  It’s bad enough trying to keep up with a sub elite athlete, but then add hills to the mix. Bleh. However, the weather was picture perfect. Low humidity, low temperature. I wore gloves, but had to remove them halfway. I tucked them behind me in my capris. We did not alter the course again, I think we have it all figured out. I made it steadily up killer hill. All was going well.  About a mile and a half from home, I managed to drop one of my gloves behind me, and since JC was in front,  I had no idea. It wasn’t until I almost got hit by a car  (I thought there was a stop sign) and stopped to pick up the OTHER glove, that I saw it’s traffic-cone orange mate lying in the street about a half a block away. I sprinted back to retrieve  it and basically exhausted myself with that, on top of the post traumatic recovery from almost being roadkill.
The good news is that I had that a little bit of a runner’s high after getting home.  I think watching JC stretch on the floor of my living room had something to do with it too.


Distance: 5.27 mi
Time: 51:24
Avg Pace: 9:45 min/mi


Thursday, Nov 6th

OMG. More rain. Cold rain.  I don’t have rain gear. JC does. He made coffee, and I only had a little bit of it with a half a bag of sweetened cashews. It had been raining all night, but JC said, “we’re going out anyway”. Well, by the time morning came around it was a cold drizzle. This run, we were both slugging it out, and JC made the executive decision to cut it short. He wasn’t feeling well. Thank god for small favors. I did NOT make it up killer hill, actually stopping to walk 3 times (but very briefly) and JC never turned around to check. I did, however, confess it to him after the run. I think he was surprised I told him.


Distance: 4.68 mi
Time: 45:32
Avg Pace: 9:43 min/mi


This Sunday is the Run for the Warriors 10k, and although I’ll lift for chest and tri’s today, I might just do some 1/4 mile fartleks in front of my house later on in the afternoon. But probably not.

I also signed up for Rob’s Run – I’m on a different master’s team for the trail race we did last year. I’m also scheduled for the Turkey Trot in Oyster Bay, with my mom and sister walking it again this year.

The Second Annual Nicholas Pedone 5k

Refer to this post if you’ve forgotten who this precious boy was. If you’re on Long Island, I’m sure  you’ve heard his name at least once.

This was a last minute decision to run, mostly based on how I was feeling, secondly based on the weather. The previous evening’s thunderstorms heralded the much awaited (for me) cold front, and Sunday morning promised to be a runner’s dream.

It was beautiful!  Still a bit humid for my tastes, but the breeze was cool and delightful when it picked up.  Getting ready this morning, I was strangely nonplussed. I took notice of it and decided I had not trained enough to be concerned about my performance. It was at that moment that I misjudged the open door to my right, and slammed my little toe into it.  Stars appeared. I think it might have been worse if I had full feeling in that foot.  After putting my sneaks on, I could really feel the difference of how the left foot felt relative to the right. I barely had any room for my now enlarged and painful pinky toe. I took some skin off of it, but I knew that was not the true cause of my pain. I tried not to think about it, and went on my way.

I squeeked in under the gun as far as online registration. I saved 5 dollars, just 3 hrs before the cutoff time. I was prepared for them NOT to have my bib when I got there, but I was pleasantly surprised!

I tried to remember how the run went last year for me, not thinking to pull up the first run I did with Runmeter. I don’t remember if I walked the last time, but I did walk  3 times today. I went out too fast (some things never change!) – and I tried to take advantage of the downhills the first part of the run.


By the time I reached the 1.86 incline, I was FRIED.  I did load up on sweetened cashews and some amino acids before the run, even having fully caffeinated coffee. I think it might have helped, but I can’t be sure anymore.  There were a lot of kids running again this year, and boy were they FAST! And they were barely breathing hard! Amazing.

I ended up, like I said, walking 3 times, and slowing down toward the end. I think I remember my splits. 8:31, 17:35, and I came in at 28:01.  I remembered to shut off my devices. I grabbed some water, took some pics, and waited for the results.  I was happy but bummed at the same time to see I came in 4th in my division. Happy because I hadn’t been training for speed, or endurance, for that matter – gone went the 5 mile ‘short runs’. I was defaulting to 3 miles or less, thinking of them as my ‘cardio’ in tandem with my weight training.  And of course I was bummed because it was not 3rd place! I do not remember feeling pain when I was running, but when I finally stopped, there was a definite throb. And I could feel the bruising. Really.

They had merchandise for sale to benefit the Nicholas Pedone Foundation, in which the proceeds go to help families and children dealing with cancers. I did not have my wallet, or else I would have bought this:



As if I don’t have enough clothes already.

Then they had the requisite post run snacks, mostly processed under the guise of being ‘healthy’. I opted for a banana. Yay~ go me.  They had a photographer there taking free post race photos.. nice!


Here are some other shots;

photo photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

Then, a surprise!  I’m thinking She Is Out Running managed to find the stats while I was still thinking I just missed placing. She congratulated me on placing – considering I had not raced since May.   When I finally did find the results online, I again, was pleasantly surprised! 3rd in a field of about 50 in my division.  An email was waiting for me when I got home, and it does say ‘unofficial’:

September 7, 2014
(516) 883-5599

RACE #:  974
AGE: 54   SEX: F
TIME:    28:01
OVERALL:   102
PACE:     9:01

And I had never received an email like this before. I’ve been away from racing for what seems like forever. I did not get my medal, as I left before the ceremony. But, it’s no biggie to me.  Placing in the record books is the icing on the proverbial running cake.

My toe after the race. I know I need a pedicure.  The flash brightened it up a bit. It’s actually really purple.

photo 1

Well, that’s it. I have to sign up for Cow Harbor before the rates go up. I’m hoping that Emerging Runner will join us.


28:01  9:01 pace
102/784 overall
3/51 age division
22/466 sex division