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Better run today, even with a runner’s tan!

Tuesday, July 1st

I’m continuing on with thinking about my runs as ‘cardio sessions’ to augment my way of eating and building lean muscle mass.  Tuesday I went out for a 30 min run around the neighborhood.  This was after doing some lifting for arms, chest and back.  I felt tired, and the humidity was not playing nice, but I managed to get through it. I also forgot to put my HR strap on, so I’ve got nothing to report as far my training effect goes. I ran relatively slower than usual, but I had just done about 45 minutes of lifting, so I was ok with that.

Garmin Data


Friday, July 4th

Thursday I decided to do leg work instead of run, and I think there was another reason why I didn’t get out there to run, but I can’t think of it.  Weather? Leg work went easier that morning, and I’m not feeling so sore as I have been in previous weeks.

The run around the neighborhood today was surprisingly easier than in recent runs, too.  Several things were different.  The first, I added add’l amount fats and types to my coffee this morning. My Garmin was dead (weird), so while I was waiting for it to charge, I consumed 32 oz of water with a small bit of amino acids and caffeine in it, courtesy of the suggestion of my sis.  Lastly, I ran without a tank on. No compressions, no tank – just shorts and a running bra. I felt very self conscious at first, but I found that it forced me to keep my abs tight and upper back elevated in the hope that all that skin I’ve got from pregnancy would flail around less. I’m sure as a byproduct, it also helped my running form!




You can also see my ‘runner’s tan’. White belly and pale lower legs from tanks and compressions. Too funny. I think it helped me stay much cooler throughout the 5 miles I did. The humidity was higher today, but there was a bit a breeze, but it was not consistent. I ran a 10:07 pace over 5 miles, with a 4.1 training effect.  Runmeter has me at 9:54. My VO2 Max is still at 41. Unless I get out for longer runs and/or faster speeds, that’s not going to change much, I fear.

I’m working on Saturday, then to a get together hosted by running friend ER.  SIOR and brood will be there too! I’m very happy to see them again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do any form of exercise tomorrow. Sunday morning I’m getting my hair done. I took another Monday off – so I’ll definitely be out there Monday morning.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Garmin Data
Runmeter Data


temperature 72°F
humdity 74%
wind 15 mph NNW





Hills and Thrills

Tuesday, Nov 5th

Beautifully cool weather. I knew I wanted to do a 10k, and I felt the need to traverse new territory. It would keep me going. This was the first morning run since DST, and I was up and at ’em at 6:50. I had no route planned, I would just go where the moment took me. I ended up on the opposite side of Glen Cove Ave. The last time I tried this, I ended up with that calf strain. It didn’t dawn on me until I had come back to my side of the street.



There were some moderate hills in the small development I ran through, but I somehow did not notice them until I was at the top. By about mile 4 I noticed that I just might PR  a 10k.  I was very excited to see the time at the end.


This was the time I expected to run the 10k during the Long Island Marathon weekend back in May. I was primed for it. But that busted calf took it away from me. I hobbled through it in an hour.

I tried to take a look back through my training stats, and I think this is the fastest 10k I’ve ever run. I guess I’m on my way back. That means it took about 7 months to recover.

44°,   NNE 4,  61% H,  UV0,  Dp 31°


Thursday, Nov 7th

Compared to Tuesday, Thursday was awful. High humidity, warmer – and I overdressed. I wore a light, long sleeve tech shirt – and I was very uncomfortable by mile 2. I also forgot to put on my heart rate monitor. Which I guess was a good thing, because that would have really pissed me off seeing how much I was struggling. I had to slow down and walk several times, and even STOP, leaning against a fence to hold me up!  I was actually nauseous. The good news was I was able to start again and finish the run only a minute and half slower than my first baseline run of this route.  That surprised me. Had the weather been ideal, I may have been faster than that baseline run.



With the Warrior 10k coming up on Sunday, I’m thinking maybe a  slow 3 miler Saturday morning.  I’m going to spend that afternoon with some girlfriends – and hopefully get home early enough to relax. Sunday’s race starts at 9:45am – which is new for me.  I don’t know if I should try to sleep an hour later in the morning or just stick to my regular routine. The day’s half over at 10:00am as far as I’m concerned!


61°,  SW 9,  92% H,  UV0,  Dp 58°