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Slowly making a comeback in HR Zones 1-3.

Sunday was a nasty weather day.  By the time I made it out of the house, the rain had stopped for about an hour. Because it was a dreary Sunday morning, the peeps around the ‘hood decided to sleep in.. which left the roads vacant. It was a very relaxing, pleasurable run. I love when that happens.

I downloaded something called “messenger 2” by Matt Fitzgerald  for the PEAR app that I started using.  It’s a routine for training for a ragnar. It was a 10 mile run that had me do 5 minutes in zone 1, and then 9 miles in zone 2, with a cool down in zone 1. Historically, I start to wear down after mile 8. My knees start to hurt, my quads burn, and my form falls apart. It was basically the same story on Sunday, except  I started to feel the  breakdown at about 7 miles. The app periodically reminds me to fix my form, which worked well for me, but there comes a point in time where it becomes very difficult for me because of overall fatigue. I’m starting to think that my short runs of 5 miles are not long enough. I need to get experience stressing my body so that I become stronger during my longer runs. I’m staying in my lower heart rate zones, so it’s more a muscle fatigue then cardio one. Either way, next week I will run 11 miles.  Following the 10% rule, the following week I’ll run 12.1, etc, etc.

I got a score of 71% on that run. This means that I stayed within the appropriate zones when I was coached to only 71% of the time.  Not so hot. I’d like to think I succeeded if I keep the runs in the 90 percentile range.


I’m supposed to stay within the blue box.

This morning, Tuesday, I got out 30 minutes earlier than I usually do because the sun is rising a little earlier. It helped with making me more relaxed, knowing that I have extra time in the morning. I did something called “Fast finish”- which is a 50 minute run. 5 minute warm up in zone 1, then 35 mins in zone 2. The last 10 minutes are run in zone 3. I failed miserably, except for the very end.


56% accurate! But,  in my defense, both the garmin and iPhone heart rate monitors started out at 200 bpm! Very strange! By about 15 mins into the run they both normalized, and they stayed within a few beats of each other, whenever I checked.

I’m not too rattled by any of it all at this point, as I’d much rather be over my zone than under.  I was concerned that the chest nonsense I had was going to really screw my performance over. As it is, I’m not where I was last year at this time, but I’m hopeful my capacity for faster and mostly comfortable runs will continue to improve.

Deciding that perhaps I need to choose a routine that keeps me a little speedier, I just downloaded “Braveheart Burst” coached by Lesley Paterson. It’s a 40 minute interval workout that has me in zone 2-5.

bh2And, she’s Scottish, so I know I’ll just love listening to her accent.  In the disclaimer, which I did not print here, it says that the program contains, “mild language, intended for mature audiences only”.  OooOh.  Call me a bitch and abuse me. Thanks, I can’t wait!

Garmin Data      Sunday 10 miler “Messenger 2”

Garmin Data      Tuesday 5 miler  “Fast Finish”

Better Calibration Run, and a coached tempo run

I had a much better calibration run today – my HR monitor seemed to work correctly.   I was also able to add a few more miles this morning to bring my total to over 5 miles. I tried to wear two HR monitors, one for the PEAR app, and the other for my Garmin, but it was a major fail for the Garmin strap, as it slipped down over the iPhone strap, rendering it useless.  Here are some of the results:



pear2 pear3

As you can see, my new lactate threshold HR is 168, NOT 192.  I’m feeling much better about that.  1.66 miles for the calibration run, and 3.64 miles for the coached tempo run.   I was asked to stay in zones 1,2,and 3. That gives me the mileage I was looking for today. It was brutally cold, but I got through it. I guess I’ll try my hand running in the rain over the weekend!

Garmin Data Calibration

Garmin Data Coached Tempo