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Shore Road with a Detour

I worked today until 12:00, came home and had something to eat. It was so beautiful today, that I knew I had to get out, even though I knew that I would be toughing it out because of the time of the day, and coming off of work.
I had two layers on top, which was a poor choice. I had my full pants on, which was another poor choice, I could have done just as well with capris and compressions. No hat. No gloves. I put my contacts in, because I had on the Recon Pivotheads – a much better choice for the size of my head. They came with dark lenses installed, and two more sets of lenses, clear and yellow. I had very good protection from the sun. It was a beautifully bright and windy day, and the glasses served me well.
My legs were dragging on this run. This is the route with the hills. I had little tweaks of pain here and there, causing me to walk once, and slow down a few times. Now, this evening, my legs feel strong without any hint of discomfort. I used the glasses to record video of the gorgeous views I had on the run. It took me a little over 50 minutes, but the glasses quit on me after 36. I don’t think I charged them long enough.

I was happy I got out there, and happier still that I averaged between 9:44 and a 10:15 pace, depending on which gadget you believe. I was too warm at the finish. I had to walk halfway up the first hill and all the way up the second hill on my way home. But that’s ok too.

Here are the highlights of this afternoon’s run.

I haven’t decided what I’ll do tomorrow. Perhaps some more hills?

Garmin Data

Runmeter Data

50° , 20 mph WSW,  32% H, ☀


Christmas Eve Morning Run

Ahhh.. so much more quieter this morning. Less cars, no buses, and LOTS o’ runners out there! I must have passed at least a dozen, and 2 men  running together I passed twice, and one of them hooted an acknowledgment of some sort to me.. all I could do was chuckle.. I had no idea what he said.

I felt really good this morning. Granted, I had to get to work and the contractor was coming back this morning at nine to check on the work he did Sunday (new gutter) – the rain we had that night proved that his installation was a success. I finally found someone who could do the job I envisioned. It worked well. He was coming back this morning to paint and fix the stairs in my foyer. He also happens to run – so we had a little bit to talk about in between talking about what I needed done on the house next. He’s like renting a husband. But not that way.

You know what I mean.

Anyway, even with the time constraints this morning, I did ok. I set Runmeter to the ‘just run’ setting, which means I just go with no audio prompting until I stop the sucker. I used my phone to listen to a podcast only. I had my Garmin to check on my pace, HR, cadence and mileage when I felt like looking.  And every time I looked at that thing, it told me I was going faster than I felt like I was moving. I stopped and walked once, then deliberately slowed down another time, just to see what the watch would say. Where it would take Runmeter at least 10 seconds to figure out I was walking, the Garmin knew almost immediately. I think it knew because it was also polling the foot pod. As soon as the foot pod slowed, it must have used an algorithm to determine my pace without waiting for the next GPS position. If that’s the case.. very smart.

I had no knee pain, but believe it or not, SHIN pain, especially on the left. Weird. And when I concentrated on using my gluts and hamstrings, the pain dissipated. Like my body was giving me a warning that there could be a better way to run.
“Hey, dummy. You’re slapping your feet against the pavement again. Why don’t you try squeezing that fat ass of yours every time that leg swings behind you and let it do the work for you. You’ve got enough of it…”

Yeah, yeah.. ok. And sure enough, said shin pain would go away. Until something else distracted me and I’d be slapping my feet again and using my quads too much..  *sigh*.

But when I got home and took a look at the stats, I was pleased.  I was running almost at race pace. I felt so much better than I did on Tuesday. What a difference a day makes. Oh, and where I DID NOT take those EnergyBits on Tuesday (nor did I eat anything, to be fair), I DID take them today, again, without eating.  Can I finally say now that there is a correlation that links these EnergyBits to sustained effort and more efficient running??


The jury is still out. I still consider myself  too inexperienced a runner to say for sure. If I did not have to work, ie:  have the stresses of a timetable, or if I were able to have a more specific schedule of training where I could eat properly, train consistently, and know that my days were pretty much on an even playing field most of the time, I could make a more solid, data driven observation.  I will continue to take them, and NOT take them, to see if there is consistency of results. Stay tuned.

I sent back the Durango Pivothead and I’m waiting for the Recon Black Jet model, which Pivothead feels might fit my face better.  Holding my breath in anticipation.

Eight more days until my next Musketeer run.
It’s Christmas Eve. It’s so quiet here. It’s snowing outside, we just finished watching Bad Santa (my favorite Christmas movie). My daughter fell asleep on the couch, the animals in various positions of slumber on the floor by the tree, the Andy Williams  Christmas CD just finished.  I’m going to try to run early Christmas morning before my daughter gets up. Maybe I’ll need to  use my YakTrax?

Happy Holidays to all, however you celebrate.

Garmin Data

Runmeter Data

36° ,  ☁,  N 12  MPH,   52° H