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Hope for Warriors 10k recap

The day didn’t start out well for me, as I had a late afternoon luncheon with some friends Saturday afternoon. I made butternut squash and Honeycrisp soup – there was salad and cheese and crackers. And wine. Endless amounts. I think I had 2 glasses, – it could have been 3 – and they were more than what I usually pour, which is 4 oz at a time. She had to have given me 6 oz each time. I was ok to drive home, because my last glass was about an hour before I left, and we (or should I say I) kept eating.  I was just very tired.  I took my vitamins – multi, C, Vit D before I went to sleep.  I was up at 3:00am. Drank about 16oz of water and took an aspirin.  I was DRY. And did I have a headache. I listened to WQXR for an hour before getting up at 6:30. I’m sure I fell asleep between 3 and 5:30.

I had a cup of coffee, 3/4 of a P90X bar, and some more water – by the time 7:15 rolled around, I KNEW the headache was not going away anytime soon. So, I took my cold and sinus pill, the stuff with pseudoephedrine. I also used my netti-pot, just in case it was a sinus issue. Remember, I was really dry – and I thought I’d hydrate anyway possible!

I brought some chocolate coconut water to drink on the way, and I took a serving of EnergyBits too, but not until 15 minutes before start time. It was cold and breezy for me – so I was happy to find out we were allowed in the Town Hall to use the bathroom. I was able to warm up and wait on line. Some of the women ahead of me hijacked the mens room – so I followed them until I found out there was no tp.  Back onto the women’s line. Just in time, too – because there was a of bit tension when some guys showed up to use their room.

I met Emerging Runner at the start line. He had come with his family today, they volunteered handing out race shirts.  I met them at the finish line, and they all greeted me warmly. What a pleasure! I explained to him that Running on Candy was supposed to be there, but I was unable to find her. I had meant to PM her through FB and give her my cell, but I forgot, which is par for the course for me lately.  Since most people tower over me, it didn’t take long for him to spot her. She IS very colorful, you know. So, I had a few minutes before the start to introduce myself. She was surrounded by friends – so we shared some light banter before I went back to where I left ER. I didn’t see him, but by that time, people started moving – and we were off. I remembered to set my gadgets. Awesome.

I was very cold to start. It was windy, which made matters worse for me. But like ER said, I wouldn’t be cold for very long. By mile 2 I was just fine. By the time we turned back heading west – the headwind was BRUTAL. I was sort of grateful for it slowing me down a bit – it was a bit of a reprieve. I was able to put some reserve in the tank to make a semi strong finish.  My sister, Neon Is My Color, was coaching me in my ear. One of the reasons why I love Runmeter so much.


Just around mile 1, a gentleman seemed to be bummed that he wasn’t at his correct pace. He asked me if we had been out 10 minutes already. I glanced at my phone and said,”I think so” – but I was not quite sure. I don’t remember seeing any clocks on the course, just mile markers. He asked me if my pace was 8:00 – I said, no – I had hoped that I’d come in at 8:30. But he must have been asking about my current pace, because I did go out too fast again. I ended up slowing down the last 2 miles because of that, plus, the wind.

I was delighted by my finish time despite the way I felt in the morning. I was feeling a little bit guilty because I took the med to clear up my breathing and headache a few hours before. Did I dope up? 🙂  After talking with Team ER  a bit at the finish – I knew I wanted to wait for Running on Candy. She has logged an IMMENSE number of miles in her running career. I’ve always thought of her as a powerhouse, and I thought it would be really great fun if I ran with her a bit. Just to sort of ‘run in her shoes’ so to speak. I jogged about a quarter of a mile or so away from the finish line. Several people told me I was going in the wrong direction (with a smile, of course!) I spotted her by herself, ran over to her and she took me to the finish line again.  I veered off about 50 yards or so before the finish and jumped off the course. I had been running her pace and I felt a kinship with her. She is gracious and a class act.

The guy who was chatting me up during the race caught up with me after the finish. We talked a little about our training strategies. He guessed I was in the health field, asked if I was a nurse. Unusual. When I asked why he thought that, he said, ‘I have a feeling about things’ or something to that effect. I’m pretty sure he said he was an air traffic controller.

I met up with Running on Candy again.. and the guy I was speaking with was kind enough to take our picture. He suggested we stand in front of the flags.




Yay! ER and me.

 I looked for Team ER to say goodbye, but I did not find them. I was getting chilled again anyway, so it was time to leave.  This was a great race, despite the fact that there were only orange slices left after the race. AND that they stopped timing after 1:15:00. I’m bummed for ROC. Who stops the clock like that for a 10k? Plus, I heard there were no water stops for the 5k. Hmmm.. someone dropped the ball somewhere..


53:42 PR
8:39 pace

5/16 age
58/254 gender
180/518 overall

65% age grade – Local class for a 10k!


48°,  SW 14,  58% H,  UV 2,   Dp 33°

Hills and Thrills

Tuesday, Nov 5th

Beautifully cool weather. I knew I wanted to do a 10k, and I felt the need to traverse new territory. It would keep me going. This was the first morning run since DST, and I was up and at ’em at 6:50. I had no route planned, I would just go where the moment took me. I ended up on the opposite side of Glen Cove Ave. The last time I tried this, I ended up with that calf strain. It didn’t dawn on me until I had come back to my side of the street.



There were some moderate hills in the small development I ran through, but I somehow did not notice them until I was at the top. By about mile 4 I noticed that I just might PR  a 10k.  I was very excited to see the time at the end.


This was the time I expected to run the 10k during the Long Island Marathon weekend back in May. I was primed for it. But that busted calf took it away from me. I hobbled through it in an hour.

I tried to take a look back through my training stats, and I think this is the fastest 10k I’ve ever run. I guess I’m on my way back. That means it took about 7 months to recover.

44°,   NNE 4,  61% H,  UV0,  Dp 31°


Thursday, Nov 7th

Compared to Tuesday, Thursday was awful. High humidity, warmer – and I overdressed. I wore a light, long sleeve tech shirt – and I was very uncomfortable by mile 2. I also forgot to put on my heart rate monitor. Which I guess was a good thing, because that would have really pissed me off seeing how much I was struggling. I had to slow down and walk several times, and even STOP, leaning against a fence to hold me up!  I was actually nauseous. The good news was I was able to start again and finish the run only a minute and half slower than my first baseline run of this route.  That surprised me. Had the weather been ideal, I may have been faster than that baseline run.



With the Warrior 10k coming up on Sunday, I’m thinking maybe a  slow 3 miler Saturday morning.  I’m going to spend that afternoon with some girlfriends – and hopefully get home early enough to relax. Sunday’s race starts at 9:45am – which is new for me.  I don’t know if I should try to sleep an hour later in the morning or just stick to my regular routine. The day’s half over at 10:00am as far as I’m concerned!


61°,  SW 9,  92% H,  UV0,  Dp 58°