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Nickerson Beach 4 Mile Race Recap

I REALLY did not want to race this morning. I fell asleep at the appropriate time last night without starting my sleep app,  but I was up an hour later. Wide awake.  I took 3mg of melatonin in the hope that it would allow me to drift off quickly like it usually does, but another hour later I was still up. I ended up turning on the air purifier for some white noise, and I don’t remember anything after that. This morning I had some brain fog – and all I could think of was having coffee. I was very hungry too. It was still dark, even though I gave myself an extra hour to sleep in (I’m usually up at 5:30) because of DST.  Ugh. Totally not motivated.


I had fallen asleep about for about an hour before this, and did not turn the app on.

But, I eventually pulled myself together. I ate my usual half P90x bar with a couple of sips of chocolate coconut water, and downed some EnergyBits about 20 minutes before race start. I stayed in the warm car until the very last minute. I tried to calm myself. For some reason, I was very nervous. That made the urge to pee very strong, but I assured myself that it was just an urge, and I didn’t really need to go.  As soon as I got out of the car, I realized my assumptions were correct.  I noticed that all flags that were flying where parallel to the ground. I would say the wind was coming mostly from the northwest – although at times the flags didn’t know in what direction they needed to go. It wasn’t very cold – just brisk, and I felt comfortable temperature-wise most of the time, except right before start. I wore 2 tops, an earband and my cw-x capris and compressions. I stuck to my guns about  not wearing my new Brooks. I saw a man wearing the female color of my new shoe. He didn’t look that small to me that he needed to wear a smaller shoe, but I guess you never know.

No drama at all this race. No traffic violations, near arrests or spills taken like last year.

There was sand in the road! I took advantage of it at times and found that it did the same thing for me as when I was training in Bayville. This time I had visual correlation of performance against other people. When running  in the sand, I was able to catch up to people ahead of me with no perceived extra effort. I ran in it as far as a could before it either disappeared or it being mixed with additional debris. Running through the residential streets deflected the wind and the temperature felt like it rose another 5 degrees. Coming back onto Lido (west) felt like we were running into the wind. The winding turns back into the park were exhausting for me – I had reached my endurance level. My legs were fine. It was my breathing giving me issue. I did NOT walk at all. I slowed down about 20-30 secs in pace for the last few turns, and then tried to increase my pace slowly again , using the guiding cones to pace myself. For some reason I thought I had to beat 35 minutes to PR.  What I failed to look at were the other 4 mile runs I did. My fastest was at Eisenhower. I ran 33:47. My last run on this course was 35:15. I guess that’s where I got that number.  The clocks on the course had me at 8:56 first mile, 17:23 second mile. I finished in 34:40.  I was very happy! The results already posted told me that I did not place in my age group – the third place winner came in 4 minutes ahead of me.  But how many women in my group came in after her and before me? She was the 50th person to cross, and I knew I was about 102nd, because there was someone actually calling out overall place coming back into the park. That left 50 or so people between 3rd place and me. I hung around long enough to see that as luck would have it, I came in 4th out of 21. I was still happy, because I did PR the course, and I had erroneously thought, the distance.  It wasn’t until I checked Athlinks that I saw my error. I don’t know if knowing the faster time before the race would have made a difference. I was pretty spent.

For refueling, again, they offered coke and diet coke. I still don’t understand that. There were bagels, muffins, danish, black and white cookies, bananas. I almost left the place without going in, because I wasn’t hungry.  Out of curiosity I went in anyway, and of course I walked out with something. But I ended up with something different – a danish. I regretted it the first bite I took.  Then I got mad at myself when I had finished it by the time I got back to the car. I was looking for a trash bin on the way – but, eh – not one to be found. I definitely know I would have tossed it if given the chance.  I just didn’t have the power to stop consuming it while still holding it. I tell ya – if I can master that – who knows in how much better shape I can become?

Thinking about it some more, training outside as opposed to the treadmill is preferable to me as far as racing goes.  There is nothing like training on the road with wind resistance to really test your mettle and optimally train your body and mind. But for cardio work with no intention of PR’ing or placing in a race, the TM works just fine.

Garmin Data

Runmeter Data – problems starting and stopping it.
4 Miles
34:40 8:40 pace PR’d (course only)
4/21 age  5%
101/319  30%

37 °F,  13 mph  NNW,   52% H,   ☀



On the Road Again..

I finally got out there, frigid temps and all. The roads were clear, there was little traffic, surprisingly. It took me over 15 minutes to get dressed! I put on two layers of bottoms, then realized I forgot my compressions. Do-over. 🙁  I wore 3 layers on top, a gator and my new RUN HAPPY cap that my sister got me for Christmas. I forgot my sunglasses, but I went out just after the sun came up, so it wasn’t so bad. I’m sure though, that the extra protection of the sunglasses would have mitigated the effect of the wind on my eyes.. they were tearing during the first mile. I thought my feet would have been cold, but they weren’t. It wasn’t as bad as they were during the fiasco that was the Long Beach 10k a few weeks ago.


I chose to take it easy as I have not been running on a regular basis since my slew of races the last month or so. I’m still a little under the weather, with just a small amount of chest congestion and weariness. I went to bed VERY early last night, and I slept well.


I was anticipating going out even before I got out of bed, so to me, that is a good sign I’m feeling better. I thought that if I taxed my lungs at this point, it may be just what my body needs to launch a final attack on what ever the insult to my immune system is. So far, so good – since I’ve been back and showered, I haven’t really had a run of coughing.

Nothing much to say except it was tough out there, between the cold and all the layers I was wearing. My knees hurt a bit. I found it hard to keep my posture. I’m just out of practice. I’ve got a few podcasts from Running Academy that I’m behind on, so that was a nice change.  I had to stop somewhere before the first mile because my headset fell off from around my neck,


and it was so cold I could not feel to put the earbud back in my ear. I guess it’s time to charge up the earwarmer headset!



Runmeter was quiet for some reason. I downloaded a big update, so I’m wondering if my settings changed. My Garmin 620 is easy to read. I’m happy with it so far. I’ll be putting my Magellan up for sale.

My next run will be with the Musketeers this Saturday morning, I just found out the snow will hold off until the afternoon. It could change, but I’m thinking light snow might be fun anyway. I’m  feeling good knowing that I can run at least 3 miles without considerable difficulty. I’ll just keep quiet if my breathing becomes too labored.

Garmin Data

Runmeter Data


One of the new features (paid) of Runmeter. Now I don’t have to remember to load the weather up before a run.