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Some speed again on the Treadmill

I’m trying to stay on task this week. I’ve already caught up with Medicare notes for the day, and I’m feeling energized enough after sipping on a small DD mocha ice coffee all afternoon that I decided I will also complete this post.
I knew last night that this morning I wanted to do some speed work. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to approach it, I figured it would come to me in the morning.

To keep things simple, I started at 5 for a warm up , then took it to 6, 7, and 8 every quarter mile. Then down to 5 again, and repeated. My goal was to do it for 5 miles. Although I did run five, I was only able to maintain that pattern for three miles.  Come mile 4, I just couldn’t hold on to that quarter mile at 8 mph.  The last mile I held it at 6 and 7 and ended with a slower cool down. I guess I was happy with it.

All day today, I had periods of a little tachycardia, but I found that if I relaxed my jaw and shoulders, my rhythm returned to normal. I was hoping for a runners high within the first 2 hours after the workout, but it never came. Around 1:00 this afternoon I decided that I wanted to fake the feeling – I did work hard for it – so I stopped for that coffee.  It did nothing for me in that regard except provide a little more oomph towards the end of my work day. Hence, this blog post!



I really want to get my own treadmill. (I’m using my daughter’s)
I want one that I can pre- program, that connects to the internet, and that has built in programs.  That is all. Just putting it out there…


I think on Thursday, I’ll try to get 6 miles in on the TM, with a incline – and go slow . I hate that I only have so much time in the morning, and going longer and slower is really not feasible when I have somewhere to be. Maybe I’ll try to get up earlier, getting me on it earlier. Ummm… nah.

I haven’t called that VO2Max company back yet. The owner called AGAIN yesterday. I really should call them.

I’ve got that 4 miler on Saturday, and I haven’t decided if I will run the 5k in Huntington at 1:00. The weather is supposed to get to 50 degrees Saturday. My morning race is at 9:00am at the ocean. It’ll likely be a cold start to my day, which will take quite a bit out of me. I guess I’ll play it by ear.



Garmin Data

Over and Out.

Nothing to brag about..

..but at least I DID get on the treadmill twice this week, because of the weather and time constraints again.  Neither run was anything special.  I barely made 3 miles both days. Tuesday, it was 68 degrees in the workout room, and for some reason I thought that my 7:00 pace was the 7 button on the ‘mill, so I did a few of those before I realized I needed to push 8 to get to the pace that I wanted. I was wondering why it felt so much easier running a supposed 7:00 pace? When I finally pried my eyes off the tv long enough (I was watching Craig Fergurson, always a distraction for me) I realized my mistake. I was so disappointed, I couldn’t even talk myself into staying on for 5 miles. However, I do think I ran longer than Garmin said I did.  I forgot to put footpod back on – and because I kept checking my watch after the snafu I made, my arm swing diminished, and I believe, so did Garmin’s perception of my pace which cut me short a bit. That’s my theory, anyway.

Today, the room was an awesome 63 degrees, and I remembered to put my footpod on to get a more accurate measurement of distance.  Even though the room was cooler, I was feeling out of sorts, and I started later than I wanted to. I kept waiting for nature to call, and it never did, and the time was just ticking away.  I started out slow, thinking a nice warmup would move things along a bit, but it didn’t. I stepped it up to level 7 and kept it that way for most of the run. I decided against speed work as I really just wanted to get SOMETHING done, and because I wasn’t feeling it, I wanted the run to be as pleasant as I could make it.  Before the end of mile 3, I was relieved to know that finally duty (!) called – and it was just the excuse I needed to jump off .  I knew I wasn’t going back on. My heart wasn’t in it. I’m hoping it’s the lousy weather that’s effecting my motivation.

If you compare the two sets of splits, you can see the difference in pace between when I did not wear the footpod, and then this morning when I did.


NO footpod. You can see the variations of pace. Split 4,5 level 7 Split 9, 11 and 13 I had it up to level 8, which should have been a 7:0X pace.


With the foot pod this morning. I stayed pretty much at level 7 the whole run after a half mile warm up. I played around with the length of my stride a bit, so some splits reflect the fact that I think I was in the air a little longer. Split 10 I backed off a bit to catch my breath, before continuing, and then I stood around  a bit before remembering to shut my watch off at split 14.

The bottom line: I’ll wear the footpod on the mill, and not on the road.

The bottom-bottom line, I really didn’t feel up to running this week.

Garmin Data Tuesday, Snow storm

Garmin Data Thursday

I really want to get out on the road this weekend, but the sidewalks are full of snow, and it’s freakin’ cold. I wonder if Bethpage bike path was cleared? At least the trees might keep the wind at bay a bit.