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Shore Road with a Detour

I worked today until 12:00, came home and had something to eat. It was so beautiful today, that I knew I had to get out, even though I knew that I would be toughing it out because of the time of the day, and coming off of work.
I had two layers on top, which was a poor choice. I had my full pants on, which was another poor choice, I could have done just as well with capris and compressions. No hat. No gloves. I put my contacts in, because I had on the Recon Pivotheads – a much better choice for the size of my head. They came with dark lenses installed, and two more sets of lenses, clear and yellow. I had very good protection from the sun. It was a beautifully bright and windy day, and the glasses served me well.
My legs were dragging on this run. This is the route with the hills. I had little tweaks of pain here and there, causing me to walk once, and slow down a few times. Now, this evening, my legs feel strong without any hint of discomfort. I used the glasses to record video of the gorgeous views I had on the run. It took me a little over 50 minutes, but the glasses quit on me after 36. I don’t think I charged them long enough.

I was happy I got out there, and happier still that I averaged between 9:44 and a 10:15 pace, depending on which gadget you believe. I was too warm at the finish. I had to walk halfway up the first hill and all the way up the second hill on my way home. But that’s ok too.

Here are the highlights of this afternoon’s run.

I haven’t decided what I’ll do tomorrow. Perhaps some more hills?

Garmin Data

Runmeter Data

50° , 20 mph WSW,  32% H, ☀


HO HO HO Holiday 5k Recap

Sorry I’m chewing like a cow. How rude.

There were lots of elves, santas, and reindeer running today. It was just as crowded as last years race, with people still parking on the main road leaving a very tight squeeze for 1200+ runners to start this race. The weather was much warmer than I remember last year, so I was not as bundled. As a matter of fact, I think I dressed just right!

I really had a feeling I was going to come in close to an 8:10 – 8:15 pace today, which is my PR for a 5k.  For some reason, and I can give a slew of them, it was not to be. I don’t even know where to start with the reason why I could not push myself any harder today. I’ve resolved to just let it go.
There were no nasty ass people in cars pulling out of their driveways during the race this year, and I was not slammed into a car again.  I was, however, almost slammed into by a runner as she cut from the middle of the course and came barreling to her right and stopped in front of me.  Should I have seen her coming? I don’t think so. She apologized, but I was so taken off guard, that a surge of adrenaline hit me,  and I became instantly exhausted. I had slammed on the brakes so we both wouldn’t fall, and as I tried to gain my composure, I found that I had a hard time fireing the jets after that.  Then, from mile 1.5 on I was in close proximity to a guy, (in front of him, actually, so I didn’t get a good look at him )-I’m assuming in a Santa suit, who kept screaming every 1/8th of a mile, “Did anybody see my reindeer?” Or when he passed a cop, “I’m looking for my reindeer – can you call it in?” Or when he passed some spectators, “Did you see which way my reindeer went?” – Good god. I tried to stay in the spirit of the season, and overall I did.

This race had plenty of dogs again, plenty of strollers – and it’s just a great course. There ARE a lot of people. But they are happy, festive folk.  It had  great snacks after, fruit, bagels, pastries and drinks. I waited to see if I placed, I did not, so I left immediately. I had a contractor coming by again today to consult on some work on the house.

I PR’d the course, but not the distance. I’m thinking I’m really going to have to train with a little more diligence and with a plan, to at least see just how much I can improve.  I don’t know why this is important to me. I don’t know if it should be. I do know that I want to be my best, but not be consumed by it.  If I’m true to myself right now – I would say that I would love to race, and feel GOOD through MOST of a race, regardless of the distance. But I know how to do that, and it will mean that I will not break any personal records.

Le sigh.

The good news is that my knee did not give me any issues, so I’m VERY happy about that. And really, that makes every thing else quite tolerable!

I’m pretty sure that’s the end of the races for me this year. Next 3 Musketeer run  – January 1st!






photo 3

Here’s an uninteresting picture! I took it through the plastic of my phone case – so it’s not very clear..


photo 2

When I saw this number, I thought it had special powers that would bring in another PR for me! Umm..No.



photo 1

Here’s what my Garmin said. 4 seconds faster than the finish line clock, with a 25 second faster pace.  It’s closer than Runmeter was.




I tried my hand at a montage.  Clearly, I need practice.
Photos: Jack McCoy


Garmin Data

Runmeter Data